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Property Management, Debt Collection, Consulting, Translations and Escrow in Mexico

We offer our clients a wide variety of additional services that are not always available through every law firm, because we know that doing business in Mexico can sometimes be more difficult and time consuming than was expected.

Document services

One doesn’t always need to speak Spanish to do business in Mexico, but they do need someone who can properly translate your meeting minutes, contracts and other important documents. Government offices and courts don’t accept documents in a foreign language, they must be translated by a certified translator, we offer translation services through various outsourced translators who speak English, French, German, Portuguese and Mandarin.
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Escrow and Closing Coordination

Everyone has heard the horror stories of foreigners buying land in Mexico and paying the full price to the seller, only to find out that the seller isn’t really the owner or that he doesn’t have the proper faculties to sell the land. Through our closing and escrow services, we can help the client feel more sure about transferring large sums of money to a foreign place.
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Sometimes, business deals go bad or somebody falls short on payments, we can help our clients get their money back. We work with a company that specializes in collecting money throughout the Yucatan peninsula, and the rest of Mexico, and has the process down to an exact science.
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One of the most important issues in every business, no matter if it´s personal or of a company, is the administration. If you don´t have a good management, probably you won´t have profits, or not what you are expecting. In our firm we have expert managers that can offer you a full service administration. You won´t have to worry anymore about papers, banks, offices, and all the things related with administration, we can do it for you, and the only thing you have to worry about is to enjoy the benefits of your business.
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Sometimes, the client just needs an expert to give advice and guidance in areas of Mexico that are related to the law without actually hiring an attorney to do the work for them. We can help. We understand that in these delicate economic times, money is tight and sometimes it is better to do the job yourself than pay someone else to do it.
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