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Other Services

We offer our clients a wide variety of additional services that are not always available through every law firm, because we know that doing business in Mexico can sometimes be more difficult and time consuming than was expected.

Building Administration

Our team at Calderón & Asociados has experience in the real estate field and knows what needs to be done to keep your home legal and running smoothly so that your only worry when you get here is stocking the fridge and hitting the beach.


At Calderón & Asociados, we have a network of collections specialists whose main focus is collecting owed money before the case goes to court, therefore saving the time and expense of lawyers and court fees.


You’ve come to Mexico and fallen in love with the lifestyle. You are ready to go home, sell your worldly goods, and move south-of-the-border for good. Your kids and spouse think you have lost it, but you know that the good life awaits you on a sunny beach in Mexico, they just don’t understand.

Business Consulting

We can help you sort through the permits, licenses, migratory documents, foreign investment reports, tax ID’s, CURP’s and everything else you need to get that business running smoothly and keep it running.


The team at Calderón & Asociados has the experience and network of contacts necessary to carry out investigations in Investigationall of Mexico and our group is accustomed to working as consultants to foreign firms looking for information in Mexico and we understand deadlines and other factors important to our foreign clients.

Escrow and Closing

Buying a second home in a foreign land is scary: Everyone has heard the horror stories about that friend who went off to another country and found his dream home for a great price, but when the deal actually starts to happen the agent/seller/whoever runs off with the buyer’s hard-earned savings.


At Calderón & Asociados we can provide you with a licensed legal translator at a fair price, who can translate your documents quickly and accurately. Our network of translators offer translations in English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Legalization and Apostille

At Calderón & Asociados we have experience helping foreigners get the documents they need (birth certificates, marriage licenses, school records) properly certified and translated so that our clients can carry out their business in Mexico quickly and efficiently.