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Marisol Hernández

Family Law Matter

Born in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Ms. Hernández received her Law Degree from the Universidad Panamericana, and has attended the following seminars: Training on Adoption, Alimony and International Child Abduction, Workshop Seminar for the Attention, Detection and Management of Victims of Sexual Abuse of Children and Teenagers, Gender Violence and Regional Congress for the Children Rights. Ms. Hernández is about to complete her Masters Degree in Corporate Law from the Universidad Anahuac Cancún.

Marisol Hernández’s work experience began in the “Ochoa Legal Bureau, S. C.”, in Aguascalientes, followed by the Office of the Defence of Children and Family System for the Integral Family System Development of Aguascalientes (DIF); she has resided in Quintana Roo since 2008, where she has worked for various Public Notaries.

You can contact Marisol Hernández in the following e-mail address: marisol@chfmexico.com