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Mexican law says that official documents must be written in Spanish in order to be registered by a notary or accepted by a government agency. This means that birth certificates, contracts, marriage licenses and the like from other countries must be translated into Spanish before they can be used in Mexico. In most cases, government agencies and courts do not accept documents which have been translated by a random person, or run through Google Translate, they must be translated by a licensed translator who is recognized by the Mexican legal system.

At Calderón & Asociados we can provide you with a licensed legal translator at a fair price, who can translate your documents quickly and accurately. Our network of translators offer translations in English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Legalization and Apostille

Official documents created in other countries, with the exception of passports, need to be legalized or apostilled in order to be valid for use in Mexico. Legalization is basically the process of the having the issuing government certify that the document is a valid document, then having the Mexican government certify that the document can be used in Mexico. Apostille is slightly simpler, because there is an international treaty between Mexico and many other countries, which allows the issuing country to certify that the document may be used in Mexico.

Either of these processes can be long and complicated. At Calderón & Asociados we have experience helping foreigners get the documents they need (birth certificates, marriage licenses, school records) properly certified and translated so that our clients can carry out their business in Mexico quickly and efficiently.

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