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Hopefully, you will never have to turn to Calderón & Asociados for this service: The best kind of business is the smooth kind. Unfortunately, hassle-free business is not always the norm and you might end up with somebody owing you money.

The process to legally collect money or demand the return of property in Mexico can be long and complicated, and it will all be carried out in Spanish. Sometimes, court cases can take years to complete and by the time the sentence is issued the debtor no longer has any means to pay his debts.

At Calderón & Asociados, we have a network of collections specialists whose main focus is collecting owed money before the case goes to court, therefore saving the time and expense of lawyers and court fees. While we prefer this option, sometimes the collection needs to be done through judicial means and in these cases we have can offer legal support to the client from start to finish of the trial.

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