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Immigration in Mexico: FM3’s, FM2’s, Inmigrante, No-Inmigrante, Inmigrado

Our expert lawyers in Playa del Carmen can help you with immigration in Mexico

For the visitor to Mexico, one of the most important legal topics is immigration law. How long can you stay? Can you get a job while you are here? These questions and many others are common topics in the coffee shops and local restaurants frequented by expats, but the answers propagated in those establishments are often erroneous or at least only half true.

In order to ensure that your stay, or move, to Mexico is smooth and worry free, you need real legal assistance with migratory issues. Our staff is experienced in migratory issues and has carried out every type of process imaginable through the immigration authority, from extensions of the tourist card to permissions to get married.

Many expats who have spent extended periods of time in Mexico are curious about the process of nationalization, which means becoming a Mexican citizen. Our staff can help you through the process of getting the requirements in order, organizing your paperwork and even getting ready to present the knowledge exam.

The staff at Calderón & Asociados have understanding of how frustrating the immigration process can be and are can help you every step of the way to start your new adventure in Mexico.