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Family Law in Mexico: Adoption, Marriage, Custody and Divorce

The family is the most basic organization in our society: Its definition and configuration has changed throughout time, but it has maintained its importance and relevance in the legal world. Family relations stretch much further than the purely legal, entering into the sentimental and even religious plane, and can affect not just those involved but also outside parties and property rights, as well. The law is not foreign to the family or its components, and therefore there are specific rules, procedures and authorities dedicated to family relations.

Given the particular necessities of our clients, at Calderón & Asociados, we have developed the knowledge and skills specific to the areas of adoption and marriage, as well as other related family issues such as parental rights, child support, divorce, custody, family property, etc. We consider the family, and the relationships born from it, to be one of the most important practice areas of our firm, our attorneys are ready to advice and assist people with diverse legal matters related to family law, in a way that gives our clients solutions that are best fitted to their particular needs.