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Setting Up a Corporation in Mexico, Notaries, Assemblies and SA de CVs

Corporate law

Doing business can be tricky, doing business internationally more so. From the moment of incorporation, having an experienced legal team to guide the company’s movements and transactions is imperative.

Our staff, expert in corporate law, has the knowledge and real world experience needed to allow us to offer a wide variety of corporate services which can guarantee smoother operation of your business in Mexico. We offer internal auditing services, contract analysis and general advice for streamlining the day-to-days of your company.

We can offer guidance with the formation of your company, ensuring that the type of mercantile or civil society that you form is right for the purposes of your business. From the time incorporation, companies in Mexico have an obligation to record transfer of their shares, maintain a record of their internal decisions and keep an inventory of the passive and active assets of the corporation, all chores that many business-owners often neglect or are not even aware of.

Our internal auditing service includes a complete analysis of the following aspects and allows us to diagnose the needs of your corporation:

  • Corporate documents
  • Shareholders registry
  • Status of share certificates
  • Assembly minutes
  • Administration of the corporation
  • Contracts
  • Status in the RNIE(Foreign Investment Registry)
  • Status in the SRE(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Status in the SAT(Tax authority)