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Agrarian Law: What is an Ejido, Getting Title in Mexico, Rural Real Estate

Agrarian law is without a doubt a topic of much importance to the area of social law, which, because of its history and its autonomy, the law gives special treatment to the people and properties subject to these laws.

Agrarian law is that which regulates the distribution, organization, exploitation and use of all things agricultural. Many people believe that this branch of the law doesn’t pertain to them, but in reality even foreigners can be affected by the rules of Agrarian law.

Anyone who has ever looked into purchasing land in Mexico has at one point or another heard the terms “Ejido” or “Ejidatario”, these figures come from the Agrarian law. If you are interested in acquiring a property that belongs to, or at one point belonged to, an Ejido, you should be properly counseled and have at hand the information necessary to realize business transactions within the guidelines of Agrarian law.

At Calderón & Asociados, we can advise you on the proper procedures and requirements that you will need to complete before realizing a real estate transaction, as well as carry out the proper analysis of the property your are considering in order to ensure that your deal is successful.