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Property Management

Congratulations! You bought your dream home in Mexico!

Now who is going to take care of it while you are gone? Someone will need to pay the bills, make sure the taxes are paid, be available in emergencies and check in on the place now and then.

Our team at Calderón & Asociados has experience in the real estate field and knows what needs to be done to keep your home legal and running smoothly so that your only worry when you get here is stocking the fridge and hitting the beach.

Building Administration

Thinking on a bigger scale? Many multi-unit properties in the Riviera Maya start to lose value because they don’t have someone to look after them and coordinate the administration, maintenance and supervision of the building.

Calderón & Asociados can offer administration services for buildings from ten units to hundreds, delivering to our clients the certainty that their property will be taken care of not only aesthetically but legally as well.

Let’s Work Together