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At Calderón & Asociados we believe that we should stick to what we do well, therefore we only practice the areas of law that we have studied and have experience in. We offer our clients expertise in corporate, immigration, real estate, family and agrarian law, because those are the areas we have practiced for years. When a client needs council in an area that we are not familiar with, we count on a vast network of professional contacts who we can call on to advise the client with the best possible council in the required field.

Corporate Law

The senior attorneys in our firm are both highly knowledgeable in corporate law, both having completed the coursework required to receive their Master’s degrees in the area. This education teamed with years of experience working in notary’s offices and large corporations has given our staff an ability to help guide our clients to a successful enterprise, whether it be a small business or a multinational conglomerate.
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Immigration Law

Immigration issues can be frustrating, the long lines and endless requirements can be try the patience of the most relaxed expat. Our staff has experience with the immigration procedure and takes a personal interest in getting our clients the best results possible. Our multilingual staff can offer guidance and advice on which immigration document is right for the client and how their immigration status will affect their stay in Mexico.
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Real Estate Law

We have worked in the real estate field and we know how the transactions work, therefore we are able to give our clients a more secure and comfortable transaction. The sale process in Mexico can be difficult for the foreigner who is not used to all of the formalities and waiting involved in the process here, we strive to help our clients every step of the way to feel more secure about the direction the transaction is taking.
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Family Law

We consider family law to be one of the most important aspects of our firm, therefore we dedicate special attention to the area and offer council in matters dealing with marriage, adoption, inheritance and more. We know that Playa Del Carmen attracts couples looking to formalize their marital bond, and be they foreigners or nationals the required paperwork and processes can be complicated, so our firm strives to make the transaction simpler so that the bride and groom can dedicate their time to celebrating the special moment.
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Agrarian Law

In many areas of Mexico, the Riviera Maya included, large tracts of land are reserved as “Ejido” or agricultural land by federal agrarian law. These properties are treated differently than standard real-estate, therefore it is important for the buyer to understand all of the subtleties and nuances that are involved with these special transactions and have someone on their side who is experienced in the process of Agrarian law.
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